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2008-01-22 02:05:21 by xplicitlyricist

I surprised myself on this one!
Somehow i found a few awesome beats on here that i just have to use, ofcourse they are from the best dj on here (Wyte) and i made a few new beats for myself a few nights ago... and entered this contest for P-Balla's'it's my turn' and now am possibly collabing with PB and Lej. So after all of this took place in the last few days....BOOM...It hit me... instead of waiting it out for another few months to see response on my demo from these labels, i'm gonna send em out and start on a new THIRD album, featuring some of the NG boyz such as Lej and PB. 5 out of 12 beats done, and almost the first song of lyrics done, now just to work my ass off and get this thing done. Label or not, i want my three albums, so i'm making it happen. My first two are completed and i can send peeps copies of them, but i have a limited number as the artwork, printing, and manufacturing does cost alot. My demo's are only going to labels, but the songs on that are from the two current albums anyway.
So let me know if your interested, the first in get the first copies.
I am also working on anew website which will be up soon, my official site with all of my music, pics, video and more...basically to get my stuff out there more and hopefully pick up a label, or if not, atleast have somewhere for the fans to go.
Keep it real NGers and hit me back if questions.
the one and only XT

Completed Album

2008-01-12 12:20:24 by xplicitlyricist

Album is completed and ready to go into production.
All of the songs are up here under the year 2008 for download.
I will be compiling my 3-5 best tracks onto a demo to send out to labels. If anyone has contacts or addresses or could let me know what they think the 3-5 tracks should be, please let me know.
Thanks and hope you enjoy the new stuff.

My 3 best.
Anybody willing to leave a comment for me will be much appreciated. Please tell me the three best songs i have on here, as the vote stats are unreliable and i would like to hear what they are from other artists, as these three songs will be compiled on a mixed demo cd and sent to labels. Thankyou for your time and consideration.


NEW ALBUM: Demo'08

2008-01-02 12:49:53 by xplicitlyricist

New demo currently in production.
Five tracks.
Five times better than the last album.
And this one is being sent off to a lot of labels. Hope i can pick up a deal this time.
All of the tracks will be on NG in two - three weeks, When completed.
So keep an eye out.

Heres a sneak peak at some lyrics:
A controversial verse touching the issues of abortion.

Look around, all ya see's trusted enemies,
Parents and children, orn by birth, such a felony,
So many parents bringin children in the world,
That don't stand a chance, for instance take this lil girl,
little Suzie Mya, now 5 years old,
So sick when she was born, she woulda died from a cold,
Diagnozed with a terminal illness before,
she was born, but her mother just chose to ignore,
knowin the truth, that her daughter was doomed to death,
But too attached to think about not givin her breath,
Suzie turns six tomorrow, helpin mum decorate the cake,
Almost six years by since that fatal mistake,
She falls to the floor gasping for breath as she cries,
Her mother pounding on her chest as Suzie slowly dies!