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The plan:

2009-01-02 05:07:51 by xplicitlyricist

Ok so after a couple of years of 3 to 4 albums and many many unreleased songs I have decided which and what i am doing.
After This 4th one is done I am going to release the first 2 for myself, that is "the prelude" and "the anthem". These two will not be for sale, but can be received directly from me. Their will not be many hard copies as it will not go into distribution, only maybe 10 copies of each.
Then the 3rd album "The sequel" will go into proper distribution for our site downndirtyent.com after the site is up and running, hoping my mid 2009. The sequel will be my first official release and following that not long after will come the album i am currently working on "The revolution".

Here's a preview of the upcoming revolution:


So until next time for more updates friends...
enjoy the tracks i drop, hopefully more will come soon.

Xplicit Mc.
Down N Dirty ent.


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