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2008-12-17 00:49:40 by xplicitlyricist

After 8 years of blood, sweat, tears, pain and many roads to this point, I have written and am in the process of recording a select few tracks that redefine my style and show all of that potential i know i have.
Within the next few weeks i will submit 2 or 3 of these songs.
These tracks are nothing like my old shit other than the fact its me and a similar basis style, but the complexity and amount of work i am spending on these tracks make them the next level for me.

In one of the songs "Don't know", my style is that new school Aussie sound to a twista/eminem style rap that out paces and out does most rappers i hear these days.
Look forward to the fast flow people. it was comin.

In the meantime, Third album "The sequel" is complete other than 1 song, which i am waiting on from KillBillVolume2. Get that mic fixed and get at me mayne!!
Forth album is in the works, gonna be that great new sound i'm talking about.
Also a close friend of mine "Menace" is working on a collaborative mix-tape with me called MX-1.
Menace + Xplicit = MX-1.
Depending on feedback and discussion on his abilities, he is a highly possible candidate for Down n Dirty entertainment.
Other than that life is pretty damn complicated right now, and as much as i'm not depressed, when anyone in my position would be, I thrive off of it and this is why i'm steppin the game up. With life's problems comes my inspiration, so get ready for the take over!!

Down N Dirty ent.


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2008-12-17 03:33:22

Sounds mighty, look forward to them new tracks. Keep it going!