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NEW ALBUM in production.

2008-08-20 09:01:58 by xplicitlyricist

2009 ALBUM - Currently underway.
(Who ever wants in with production or collaboration, hit me up quick for the few blank spots)


01 Intro
02 Aussie hiphop
03 Roads
04 Just like us [feat. J-Kellz]
05 Breakdown
06 ((FREE SPOT))
07 Going crazy
08 Minutehand
09 Love me
10 Concrete Jungle [feat. Naysly]
11 On fire [feat. KillBill]
12 Can't bring me down

Hit me up for collaborations or info.
Keep it real NG.

Down N Dirty ent.
YBS ent.~

NEW ALBUM in production.


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2008-09-15 17:15:26

nice man, looks good so far, doing dirty down there aye? hit me up when you can man.

xplicitlyricist responds:

For sure man. Let's get you on a beat for us haha, somethin like that scarlet ribbon piece. Holla.


2008-10-06 04:27:22

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/177135

xplicitlyricist responds:

good shit!


2008-10-07 20:34:57

how come Story Of My Life isnt on this list man? thats a good track.

xplicitlyricist responds:

Cos that is one the previous album, haha.
You probs won't be back for another few weeks but damn man, good to hear from ya, ya aint called in a while, i got my new mic, a legacy axis 5, not bad, not the best either but better than this fuckin stage mic lol, also got shockmount, popfilter, boomstand and getting mixer for it's channel in about a week.
Speak soon man, i'll call ya.


2008-10-07 20:36:15

and i wouldnt mind a free spot, we'll probly record that at the end of the year. ill call u tonight or something man, sorry i couldnt come up, i couldnt call u cuz i ran out of credit too but ill call u tonight.

xplicitlyricist responds:

sweet man, can't wait to hear from ya, Yeh a freespot is yours.
We'll talk about otehr shit too, i got plans gettin started for dde man.
Speak to ya tonight.


2008-10-07 23:00:11

yo yun gave me permission to use that beat man


2008-10-07 23:04:20

Yeah... I'm sorry... but that track was garbage. Not only that... That beat was specifically for Mercury. Hell, I find it kind of annoying that not only are you using collabs Yun and I did, but I get no credit, and then you rap about something that's severely whack. I know you can do better than that, but seriously... Stop using beats without any consent.

xplicitlyricist responds:

what did i rap about taht was severely whack? and sorry but no intention to "steal" or use without "permission", i figured it wouldnt be a problem considering none of this is to be released at a media level, nor will it be heard by many other than the ng community which as far as i'm aware i'm allowed to do.
Don't freak out or be annoyed by me, if the track is for merc and he used it and i did too, then you have a proper track by merc and a track "some guyjust did over my beat", does it really matter?
Anyway no disrespect intended.
And yeh Pm'd yun about the beats, and figured you'd be cool spawn.
Anyway later.


2008-10-09 03:24:25

ay lets just keep it cool, XT just make sure u get permission from Spawn or Yun prior to recording a track. just on another note though, and this is just common sense to anybody, but if a producer doesnt want people to rap on a beat because its reserved for somebody else, maybe a producer shouldnt be posting that beat on newgrounds and give it directly to the rapper its for instead.

i can see what your saying XT, how it doesnt matter too much if your rapping on a beat for a non-commercial purpose, but on the otherhand i know why Spawn is annoyed. lets jus move on from this though.

xplicitlyricist responds:

already moved on bruh.
nps here. You never called too! haha. Just playin, get at me when ya can man.


2008-10-09 09:53:03

regardless if the beat was posted on here or not xt should have asked and also gave credit, and just cuz you say yun produced ya track in ya post doesnt me you gave credit or at least not enough. then you say to spawn whats the matter if i use the beat or not well let me tell you this son, if i made a beat and somebody did a track without asking permission to use the beat,i would at least expect the track to be hot. kellz did his thing but your lyricism is very non underground hip hop. and im in here cuz yo they produce for me and had my back sense day one and yun told me after he posted the beat that it was mine, so i feel robbed of my shit and my team is now disrespected so im coming here now to tell you to drop the track if not well then we can clash mics and we all kno u kno want it with merc

xplicitlyricist responds:

Aight listen, i don't give a fuck what you think of my stle, sound or lyricism, that criticism can be given on reviews or when asked, feels like disrespect. Also, you never told me it was yours, he never told me it was yours, NOONE fucking told me, it was a beat, online ready for free download so couldnt be exclusive, and i'm sorry i used it, i said that. i'm happy to take the track down but a lighter approach, maybe one with some respect woulda been a lil nice. Don't come poppin shit on my page, u want it down, u express how u feel, i'm cool with that, i'm cool with you and your boys, you know this, but don't be makin threats like clash mics n shit man, what's that shit?
track is down now, but keep in mind what i said, and dn't take it as an attack, i'm just bein real wit you.


2008-10-09 11:03:07

Your hook sounded like it was a weak chop and screwed with fake turntablism. It also sounds like you didn't even put effort in your track as well, because of the tone of voice you used. And you also said some line about your hair not being fair, or something like that, and I was just like, "Wtf?"

And I don't remember a PM about you asking for Yun's beats. Hell, you shouldn't ask me for YUN'S beats in the first place. Because they're YUN'S. Even though Merc can still go along with the track, it still doesn't feel the same because it just doesn't feel the same. I've had it happen to me before with Tha Jump Off, and I can't just let it slide. I also know you don't mean disrespect, and neither do I. I just feel that you're using way too much of our production without our consent.

xplicitlyricist responds:

There was not much effort, as i said, it was a fuck around track, i was stoned as fuck and yeh... haha, was just for kicks ya know.
Anyway apprectiate you took time to say no disrespect, and yeh i don't mean any of that to none of you boys. Also i Pm'd yun, NOT you about it. But anyways man, hey i'm sweet to take it down and whatever, just don't freak at so much, it's like everyones all hyped up n shit over this, i mean cmon ya'll can approach me like a friend or equal at the least and just ask and let me know ya know. Anyway tracks down and i'm off findin some new shit. Hit me up when ya wanna collab or me to review whatever, it don't bother me at all.


2008-10-09 13:10:48

i think you need to read the comment again cuz i said nothing in which you took son. i said if you got a problem of what im saying then we can handle this on track but anyways yun dnt wanna produce for you point blank period because if hes taking the time to make a fucking dope beat and you just take the beat and shit on it with no effort how ya think thats gona make him feel. real talk son im hood so your defense in which you used foul language doesnt hurt me bruh. get at me manye

xplicitlyricist responds:

haha, yeh sif that language was meant to hurt you, sif it did...
Anyways yeh i see what ya sayin, i coulda taken it a lil more front than what it was, but yeh I'm just standin up for my own ya know what i'm sayin.
Anyway, that new track of u n sly is crazy, ill review.


2008-10-09 14:43:57

Ah, I didn't read right. My fault.


2008-10-09 18:07:01

LMFAO you starving gae high pitch voice kangaroo cock chaser LOL!!

You flopped before you even tried to sign me but now all you can do is try your luck again by getting humiliated all~~~ over again u weak skinny little kangaroo cock chaser =D

xplicitlyricist responds:

I don't even need to respond, everyone knows yuo were never asked to sign, you were the furthest from our interest, and this made you angry that everyone else get's attention but Big Fag Lejin.
Get over it man, noone listens to you anymore, you all washed up.


2008-10-10 02:37:19

Wow, there is so much tension among the unsigned, barely talented, wannabes that frequent newgrounds.

What's the matter, mommy cut off your allowance?

Don't worry about Lejin, XT, he ain't signin ... with anybody ... ever.

xplicitlyricist responds:

True that man.


2008-10-10 13:05:22

BREAKING NEWS: Lejin has reportedly signed with his own record label, along with several men rumored to be his lovers due to the closeness and unusually strong fondness of one another. A total of five people outside of his homosexual posse now know his name, but the tally of those that care still remains at zero.

More as this story unfolds.


2008-10-11 05:44:31

Wow this is gone way to far....

this NG is like a damn soap opera man

"as NG turns"

Ima put it simple like this

XT you should of asked ...you know how production and such goes with them they been producing for merc thats nothing new ..

and even though it falls under the CC license still its polite to ask

I know you wouldn't like if say

a dj decided he wanted to put a gay country tecnoish twist on your song

he didn't ask you he just did it

for spawn and yun

I don't even know why you guys still post up here on NG
man you guys shouldbe getting money for y'all tracks

Its just un needed drama

Ifrom last of my understanding all y'all were cool I guess shits changing but nonetheless

this is hip hop of ng so we gotta share the space feel me?

I just hope every one can get over themselves at least for the betterment of this site

xplicitlyricist responds:

It's all good Sly. No one has any problems, it was just a misunderstanding with no hard feelings. And dice is just bein a funny cunt about that lejin fag. haha. Stay up and post us another one of ya hits man!


2008-10-12 08:40:37

all i can say is DDE and One Banner are two different things.

One Banner was just like a "peace treaty" idea.

DDE is the label run by myself and Xplicit.

we ask Lejin, AS WELL AS all the other rappers involved in NG beef to join One Banner.

but we never asked him to sign with DDE.

Lucrazer, if your so close to Lejin, you should know. he even admitted openly to myself, G-Styles, and Druid that it was One Banner he didnt want to join, on his Skype.

One Banner didnt require anybody to sign anything, therefore we never asked Lejin to sign. i hope that clears things up for your small mind, Lucrazer.

thats fact right there, and if you dont believe it, just ask your buddy to let u hear the recorded convo of him admitting it, because im sure that shit is recorded and saved somewhere.

xplicitlyricist responds:

Amen to the truth!
Yo P I'm workin oday but when i finish at 4 i'll give ya a buzz.
Ill call ya around 5 cos I know you probs at boarding school...
Or is it holidays down there? Ours finished like a week ago.
Anyways man hit me back.


2008-10-12 20:58:29

yea give me a buzz anytime today, 5 would be good. im on the bus back to school (canberra to sydney) today, get on the bus at 3 and get off the bus at 8, so just call me when im on the bus cuz ill have nothing to do th whole trip anyway.

speak soon man peace!~

xplicitlyricist responds:

Callin ya now. haha.