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2008-07-18 21:45:12 by xplicitlyricist

Ok, i have uploaded a new song, called "talk shit"


Anybody who wants to jump on verse 2 feel free to do so and post me the link.
It is only a two verse song, with one chorus in the middle, i did the hook. Chuck in the 2nd verse, Make it as creative and good sounding as possible. Anything goes!!

I want as many people as possible goin for the comp, no real prize other than ego and real criticism, also the winner will be the official collab with me on it for a mix-tape im currently doing.
P-Balla (PopRock), Myself and Dice. will be the judges on style, flow, quality, lyrical and sound values.
Due date: 2nd AUGUST 08.


All of whom i want in the comp i will msg the link. The rest of you should just find it here on my page.
Good luck!




Down N Dirty ent.

Sorry it was just these two, but let the judging begin.
I'll be here with results and reviews on both in a few hours...
Get ready for our winner.


Due to the fact P-Balla is away and I couldn't contact him today, it would be unfair to judge on my own.
So due to what the majority of people have reviewd, scored and told me personally i think the winner should be announced as War-Spawn.
It was unfortunate that nobody else entered, it would have been a good run, but these two probably would have done the best anyway.

In my opinion:

Had a nice flow, a lil more versatlity and some good lines. Was very basic and a little more laid back though. I think his quality was probably better however WarSpawn went into the extra trouble to master my vocals to match his. I'd score Kellz a 9 outta 10.
Flow was off the hook, very fast paced and nice punchlines, a little more in depth than kellz and a good sound to match the beat. The extra effort of mastering us both probably scored you a lil more and i did notice one or two words taht seemed off point, but all in all you were undoubtedly the winner. According to everyone else they think so too.

So WARSPAWN it is.
Next time i hold a comp i want ya'll to get in on it, this was a lil dissapointing.
Anyway. Enjoy the winners victory dance in "TALK SHIT" below...



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2008-07-19 00:23:08

I won. Because I met KRS-1. So my ego is just over my head. Or maybe Merc's head since he's taller than me. But yeah, I'm so great. Look at those lyrics. I have mormon's committing suicide atm cuz I'm so blasphemous and shit. =D

Seriously though, good luck to whoever else decides to enter, and may the best lyricist win.

xplicitlyricist responds:

Good shit spawn.
Yeh can't wait for the rest.
Only 13 days and a winner will be decided.


2008-07-19 08:41:03

ay spawn, i was gonna say man... lol if ur ego is only just over your head then your doing well... because just over your head isnt very big. hahah jus playin man but no foreal man. i dont like people with huge egos anyway so its all good that your ego matches your stature hahaha.

on the real though, yea i cant wait to hear more entries.

xplicitlyricist responds:

For sure.
Hey msg as many people as ya can about the comp man. I want some good competition. Iv'e already hit up everyone from Billy to Calibur, kellz, Naysly, and yeh, but any people you think i dnt know of or may of forgotten about, send em the link for me. Dice is judgin the comp with us to man.
This shit will be gettin hot when the next submission comes in.
LAters P.


2008-07-20 01:45:34

Hahahaha P-Balla doesn't like people with big egos ... so that's why he avoids mirrors!


2008-07-20 10:39:53

for fucks sake dice go have a cry seriously man, i thought that was over.


2008-07-20 11:41:21

Back to school, kid.


2008-07-20 12:10:55

shit, thats exactly what ima do, so i dont gotta work full time at the corner store man, talk to me when u actually doin somethin. but seriously i cant believe u still carrying on, its jus fuckin immature man u like 11 years older than me or some shit bruh, yet u feel satisfied tryna get one up over a school kid... damn.

quit being a bitchass always wanting the last word in man, time to grow up and do somethin. u tellin me u spent alot of time figuring shit out well it seems like bullshit to me because all i hear is words but see no action. anything that went down the other nite, that didnt bother me at all because i thought that shit was settled and we done moved on from that but obviously not. qhy dont u jus do everybody a favour and quit runnin your mouth.


2008-07-20 12:14:07

oh and callan i was talkin to merc and druid, i think each of them might cook somethn up. ill speak to u soon man, peace.

xplicitlyricist responds:

Sounds good man.
LOL, you 2....
...I hope this doesnt effect the judging guys.
Anyway. Holla.


2008-07-20 12:17:43

Sad to hear you feel and think that way, champ, guess I pegged you a bit higher than you were. Good luck in your career, man, I hope in time you'll get over whatever's bothering you.


2008-07-20 13:11:45

yea and stop poppin shit in pm's man u remind me of somebody


2008-07-20 13:33:12

and Callan, sorry for disrespecting your page. but when somebody is poppin shit being a smartass, u know and i know that they shouldnt expect for me to jus back down and shut up. these people should have the common respect to talk shit on my page instead of somebody elses page, its just disrespectful

xplicitlyricist responds:

agreed. But i aint gettin in the middle of this.
It's getting quite entertaining tho. So i dnt mind.
haha. Later.


2008-07-20 16:09:40

You heard it here first, NewGrounds pages mean everything ... they are the sacred holy texts of the Internet.

Worship them as thus.

I'll baptize my first child here for you, X, in show of gratitude for allowing my presence, and to apologize for my devil-like posts.

I am not worthy.

xplicitlyricist responds:

What's the baby called?


2008-07-20 23:41:42

I will call him Lejin. He will grow up to be king of an internet site, and I shall be very proud of him for his high achievement.

xplicitlyricist responds:



2008-07-21 13:04:19

tracks up, game on suckas


2008-07-28 07:04:05

fuck man i better send my shit in soon! i might miss out! *starts writing*

xplicitlyricist responds:

Can't wait to hear it man.


2008-08-02 00:08:42

So yeah. Only me and Kellz entered. =\

xplicitlyricist responds:

Nah all good, closes tomorow so if anyone is in. better get it to me before midnight haha. If not i guess it's just outta you two!
Speak soon.


2008-08-02 11:05:09

Next time you two should probably enter last so you don't scare them all away.


2008-08-14 00:19:11

thx man chk out the other new track